melzer&zeeh speaking / text-sound / concept / performance


»falling thoughts«
monday, may 25th 2020, 8:30pm
theater der welt at schauspielhaus düsseldorf

shame over over

performance intervention at museum kunstpalast. about 9:30pm it got extreme. wandering in silence and utterance on stage: radically anti-drastic and against attention. sub-entertaining nothingness.
we came with no offer nor did we expect. official trailer

filthy investigations / dirty detectives

a performance stage talk and voice sampling at the open-air festival as part of the summer tour of the kunstakademie düsseldorf. muffled explanations by the radio-doctor: the dangers of carrying a grand piano. in case of emergency, there is still the telephone. the audio-texts are rearranged and produced on stage. at the same time, the sound of the voice mixes with artificially produced vibrations: digital and analogue. known are only time and place / we work for an unknown employer. / during the 45 minute stage presence we try to find out our assignment. listen to the live-recording

culture traces of horse shit

performance at the exhibition chit chat in cooperation with jörg steinmann, sittart galerie, düsseldorf. steinmann works spontaneously with medially extended voice sounds.
on stage we talk about the tensions between cultural achievements and withered nature. the essence of what exactly language is and what is not will manifest itself. the present now will be examined in three ways during the hearing: 1. the final destination of an evolved trajectory, 2. the present presence and 3. as the origin for future realities.

yard conversation

similar to the lab talk, a staged, strongly formalized conversation situation. we explore the relationship between different functions of language: on the one hand as an information transmitter (media), on the other hand as the mere sound of the human voice. talking about speaking. light - shadow - light - shadow - red. video documentation

the melting/decay of time

live performance in the sound art series c!ang by swen buckner. the composition is designed so that the recording of the first half of the piece is edited live, commented on and extended in the second half. apart from the stage arrangement, everything else is improvised. a singsong to the conversation. video documentation

changing grammars

performance on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of changing grammars. a symposium to which the birth of live coding is attributed.
what would live coding look like without a computer? video documentation

free wifi

space intervention / installation in the context of “die digitale” festival in the off-space gallery betonbox in düsseldorf. the audience enters the exhibition space, where a WiFi shielded from the internet is installed. the isolation is explicitly pointed out and yet unexpectedly productive mistakes occur. an invitation to reflect on daily dealings and supposed self-evidences towards connections that have become invisible.
included. connected. excluded [-.-] what do we actually connect to? what does “staying connected” mean?
does every connection connect
and why do connections come with not just strings attached?

the complete piece for download

lab talk laboratory

a highly formalized conversation structured by projected concepts. the staging marks the beginning of a cycle of methods within which concertante sound-text compositions are created. what we no longer get communicated. documentation


after their birth, lennart melzer and florian zeeh meet for the first time in 2017 in düsseldorf. as border smugglers between art and science, they jointly explore the epistemic potential of staged speaking as a form of thinking. melzer is an astute computer composer and live musician. zeeh composes music without sounds, images without light and texts without words. together they produce, process and discuss problems. they think them loudly ahead, along and about.